Tuesday, March 16, 2010


What do all these cars have in common? - THE LOOK!
What makes a car iconic or standout from the rest? - THE LOOK!

Getting the look is not about buying all the best or latest parts and often if you are in a position to do the work yourself then there is no temptation for comprimise of pre made parts to affect the desired stance.

These cars are just a few of my many favourites. Study them for a minute - they are just basic old hot rods really arent they? The stories to these cars have been well documented but can you imagine the fun to be had piecing each one of these cars together?

That then results in a car that has the LOOK from any angle be it standing still or moving down the road!

Model A Centre X Member

There is still a bit to do but here is progress on the A chassis. With hole saws and files etc - the fabrication is starting to take on a look as if Henry did it himself by making the holes/slots in the chassis look like stampings opposed to racey lightning holes