Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Xmas/New Year Progress

Due to my arm giving me grief earlier in the year - I got quite a way behind with progress down stairs with my own 32 roadster, and the two jobs I have - a 28 roadster and 32 Tudor build.
My T went just before Christmas Eve to its new owner and the cool thing there is that they plan to carry on the build as I intended! I was able to get the Tudor's BB Chev and Turbo 400 trans mounted and while I waited for more steel to arrive for the Model A chassis job, I worked on my 32.
After Christmas I had the roadster body attached to its inner steel structure for the final time and then I completed some steel work in the cowl area in order to hang the doors and make the door frames.
Then just a few days prior to New Years I have been able to make the rear chassis kick up's for the Model A project.
I can now guilt free go away for a few days content with what I have achieved and think of the next few stages for each car.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Queen City Roadsters

In the 500th Issue of the NZ Hot Rod Magazine I wrote the article on the club history as it was always something that I had a great interest in – after all – roadsters are the epitome of hot rodding right?

Speaking with Mike Gearing, Vern Hoskins and the Dolores family was a real pleasure to hear first hand of what it was all about. Here is what stood out in my mind:
1) The L.A. Roadster Club was a huge influence in the formation of QCR.
2) The quality of the roadsters in QCR and how they were presented was of a high standard that would be more than acceptable today
3) The members had the vision of a line up of roadsters cruising together
Why start the club?

The Queen City Roadsters is something that I had always wanted to recreate and the timing of the article and also my own ’32 build led me to think the timing was right. The beauty of this club is we are all on the same page in terms of what we want out of rodding and our own cars. There is no rules, there is no expectations, there is no leader, there is no affiliations – its just about a group of guys wearing the shirt, running the decal on the screen, enjoying the picture of roadsters travelling together etc etc.

If you wanna go for a run somewhere or have a BBQ – let us all know – its low key – its fun and when its not fun anymore we just hang up the hat!

Who are we?

Greg Stokes – ’32 Roadster
Paul Servantie – ’32 Roadster
Troy Weeks – ’32 Roadster
Mark Barton – ’31 A-V8
Ted Morgan – ’28 A-V8
Kelly O’Donnell – ’28 A-V8
Mark Stokes – ’30 A Rdstr P/Up
Rob Watkins – ’40 Convertible
Nigel Oliver – ’30 A Roadster
Alan Hulse – ’32 Roadster
Brian Smith – ’32 Roadster
Graeme Belsham – ’32 Roadster
Dale Clothier – ’28 coupster
Steve Keys – ’32 roadster
Grant Stables - '32 roadster
Paul Grace - '27 T Modified
Ian Taylor - '32 roadster
Royce Everett - 32 roadster
Peter Tomkies - A Tourer
Neil Baker '28 A Roadster
Keith Golder '28 A-V8 & '34 roadster
Chris Hornblow/Larry Beck '32 roadster
Bill Smith - 27 T Roadster
Tony Johnson - '28 A Roadster

Shown here is one of the window decals that I have had Chris Walton at Decal Productions print for me.

Here is to going TOPLESS!

Fabrication Progress

After the problems I had with my arm, I am about a month behind on the fabrication work I do. I have sold my T now and that leaves my 32 roadster to build. But I also have a Model A roadster and a Deuce Tudor build on the go.

Deuce Tudor progress - fitted trans mount that I fabricated to look like it was a stamped piece - awaiting actual engine and other components.

Model A roadster chassis - steel to be folded has been ordered to make the centre crossmember and I mocked up the block and gearbox and then ran wide mask tape where the general layout of the cross member will go.

My 32 - lowered the headlights, worked out a way to mount the steering box, fitted the 5 gauge Stewart Warner dash insert, getting the body ready for some fibreglass work and started to make the frame for the new decklid as well as worked out a way to fit a cowl vent in.

East Bay Rods Christmas Lunch

Another great day out to Mangawhai for an excellent lunch. Highlights included Nigel Oliver's black 30 A roadster, Paul Servanties red 32 roadster, Keith Golder's Model A on Deuce rails.

Great weather and more reason to get stuck in and work on my 32!

Rocket Speed Equipment Open Day

Rocket Open House

Dan & Gary at Rocket hosted an awesome day! Can you imagine travelling to an event in a line up of roadsters? Well, it sort of happened unplanned this past Saturday to and from Rocket Speed Equipment’s Open House in Hamilton. I call it the first unofficial Queen City Roadsters outing – my apologies as this wasn’t planned to be like this and sometimes the best things are the unplanned ones.

I went with Ted Morgan in his 28 on a Deuce frame and we met with Kelly O’Donnell and Mark Barton, Kelly’s roadster was driven by friends whist the Rocket built chassis of Mark’s was transported down to display at Rocket. Its going to be a very cool car and it was then that I tagged the trip as our first unofficial outing. It looked like wet weather was on its way and we copped it and scored some excellent shots which will appear in Feb 2010 NZHRM, the day itself at Rocket was awesome and the weather got better for the trip home – more pics here,

The trip home was most special though as we were joined by Nigel Oliver and his wife Linda in there incredibly cool little black ’30 roadster that has a cool belly pan and outside headers. Three topless and similar styled roadsters was truly a sight you only think you would read about in Morty’s Hop Up Annual’s or The Rodders Journal. We had a special photo shoot here too.

Monday, December 7, 2009

2009 Toy Run

Great weather made for a huge turnout. Highlights were Servantie's roadster, Horny's coupe etc

Yank Tank Thursday

Final Yank Tank Thursday at Botany Town Centre was on the last week of November on a Friday to coincide with Botany's Christmas Celebrations - here are some pics from the night