Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thanks heaps to all for their help

There is alot of people that we wish to thank for their help, support, advice and parts for making our '32 come to life in time for our wedding back in November. The car is the result of a childhood I dream after riding in the late Pete Dore roadster when I was 10 years old (31 now) and it is the support and help from my family, friends and key people within the industry that made this project reality in time for our wedding.

As we enter winter we felt it was long overdue to acknowledge and thank you all. We have just returned from the Marineland Rod Run in Napier with 3400 miles on the odometer. The car won Best Hot Rod at the Swap Meet and Show and on Saturday at the run won Best Nostalgic. At the 2011 Sony Xplod Beach Hop the car placed in the Top Ten at the Waihi Warm Up party. At the Surf City Rod Run in Gisborne the car won
Sponsors Choice, Best Hot Rod and Rodders Choice. At Kumeu the car was displayed inside and won Best Hot Rod. This is really humbling for what we wanted in a hot rod - a driver!

Since the wedding on 27th November, we took the car on our honeymoon in Waiheke Island, then attended the Southside club run, the December Mid West breakfast, North Shore's Toy Run, the Grand National Roadster Show in Whangamata, the Jalopy Dust Up, day trips to the drags, Kumeu, Surf City Gisborne Run, Sounds of Chrome at Hampton Downs, the Beach Hop, Nostalgia Drags, and the Marineland Run. It was important that
this car was driven as thats what it was built for. It clicked 2000 miles before throwing a rod in the 283 engine on the way home from Gisborne so Dad kindly loaned me a 383 Chev to see out the remainder of this season's events.

So thanks to you for making it happen:

PPG paint - Good guys yellow
Prepped & Painted by Counties Auto Painters
Panel prep guidance by Mike Roberts & John Lisle
Chassis rails and parts from Rocket Speed Equipment
SO-CAL shocks, Deuce Factory batwings & Lokar handbrake from Rods By Reid
Front cross member, screen and support from GMT Hot Rod Parts
Stainless front hairpins from Juniors
Winters Champ rear end from Phil Game - PG Hydraulics
Rear ladder bars by Mike Roberts
Brake parts from Ajays
Halibrand front wheels and support from Steve & Sue Keys
Brilliant front seat by Ian Goodwin
Insulation from Dynamat
Mirrors and parts from Hot Rod Lane
Vintique accessories from Magoos
Rebel Wire kit from Trad Speed Supply
Fasteners and hot rod parts from Key West Fabrication & Supplies
Steering shafts from Com Tech
Coker dirt track tyres (not yet fitted) Garth Hogan
Louvered rear deck lid from John Key
Parts and support from Pete Chapouris

We tried to be fair to our supporting advertisers of NZHRM by buying our parts from all of you and we appreciate the deals or sponsorship given.

Thanks to LVVTA for working with the government so that we can drive fenderless, topless hiboy roadsters

Thanks to Paul & Liz Grace understanding the deadline of the car being readied for the big day and also featuring the car in the Feb 2011 issue of NZHRM.

Fabrication help from: Mark & Janne Stokes, Mark & Gaylene Homan, John Hinton, Mike Roberts, Mac's Speed Shop, Fab Tech

Assembly help from: Mark & Janne Stokes, Mark & Gaylene Homan, Rob Watkins, Chris Hornblow, Ron Amstad, Rob Webster

WOW - its been a long time posting!

Here are some pics of the wedding day and off course the car made it!