Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Deuce parts, progress and 30th

Well, its been a while since I gave a decent post on here and reason being is that there has been so much on. First up - very good friends, Mike & Kathie Craig of Campbell CA, USA visited the Thursday before the Kumeu Hot Rod Festival. I first met them when I worked at Pro Topline back in 2002. They ran a Jr Fuel car back then with Kelly their daughter driving. Now they campaign a 5 second Nostalgia Top Fuel digger. Awesome people and we had such a fun day together. We first went for coffee at Deus Ex Machina - a funky little motorcycle shop in town with a cafe - great place!

The Friday of Kumeu was special as it was the estate garage sale of the late Ian Golder - a founding member of East Bay Rods with a penchant for '32 Fords. Four of us went along and didnt come away empty handed. I scored a firewall, 4pce hood, cowl vent and other bits and pieces for my roadster. It kinda made going up to Kumeu seem like a bit of a deflator (if there is such a word).

Saturday I fitted all my parts up and it was a real shot in the arm of enthusiasam. Then the next few days I worked on remounting the engine so that I could mount the column better with the big Bell wheel. This past weekend was a very special surprise 30th birthday at my parents and what a night it was. I got a set of SW gauges for the roadster and a voucher for Ian Goodwin Upholstery - it all blew me away. Even the cake - with the late Pete Dore roadster on it - the car I am patterning mine from.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Project progress

Along with progressing on TJ's car - steady progress has been made on my 32.

Today we mocked up TJ's roadster to work out ride heights and diff measurements

I am still carrying out body work and mounted the rear lights

New Years Day Show & Jalopy Dust Up

We went to the New Years Day Show at Whangamata - great turnout of cars and also of public. It was at the Whangamata Club and featured a wet t shirt comp, bike show and the Beach Hop roadster and Harley was on display.

Then on the 9th it was the Jalopy Dust Up - heaps of cool cars and people - a great day and made me more determined to work on my 32 for next year!